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BiSound box EMDR software terapia Discover the best alternative to eye movement with BiSound, undoubtedly the most simple to use EMDR therapy soft, exclusively programmed for professionals and self-therapy through sound bilateralized.

The eye movement is not necessary to stimulate the brain bilaterally. With  BiSound EMDR therapy are more comfortable because the therapist delegate the process of stimulation by getting the patient to focus 100% on their trauma to their desensitization and reprocessing, even with closed eyes.

- Bilateral brain stimulation through sound.
- Infinite bilateralized sounds.
- Control over sound volume, speed and stimulation amount.
- Easily managed, clear and simple design.
- Visualization option.
- Complete guide of instructions.
- Automatic updating without any extra cost.
- 3 languages. (Spanish, English and German).

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Using BiSound

This software has been designed and programmed exclusively for bilateral brain stimulation through sound, thus making the use of headphones essencial if therapy is to be 100% effective as without them bilaterization is not perceived by the brain.

Because of its simplicity BiSound is highly recommended by professionals with little technical experience in computers and software, making it at the same time ideal for personal self-help therapy.

Bi Sound is very easy to use in therapy. You simply prepare the patient and once followed the steps laid down by the EMDR Institute you can then proceed with bilateral stimulation using Bi Sound and a set of head phones on the patient, adapting the volume, speed and sound which vary according to the patient's preferences.

Captura de pantalla del apartado estimulación del programa BiSoundWith the stimulation tab you can control all the parameters of the bilateral stimulation.

Firstly, by way of a pull-down menu in sound options you can choose the sound most liked by the patient for his or her therapy.

Following this volume can be controlled using a pull-down menu with numeric values whose scale oscillates between 0 and 100. (Nothing can be heard at zero and 100 being the maximum volume).

Further down we find one of the most useful controls in the programme; the desired amount of stimulation for each session. This is very useful as we can adjust the sound balance to patient needs as some people dislike or get dizzy with 100% stimulation. Similarly its scale of values also oscillates between 0 and 100, 100 being the highest degree of brain stimulation and zero giving no stimulation whatsoever thus omitting bilateral brain stimulation and the beneficial effects of EMDR therapy. As a result when a scale less than 5 has been registered the programme warns us of this inconvenience.

Bi Sound also avails of Visualization options and you can activate a full screen visual guide* of what is happening indicated by a circle which is projected intermittently from one side to another, in this box you can select the screen colours.

*The brain graphic we see in this display also serves as a visual guide for the therapist indicating that stimulation is taking place and its speed.

Each time we choose a sound the following checkbox, the one which controls the speed of the stimulation is automatically assigned with a scale number which corresponds to the milliseconds which pass between one sound pulse and another, this is predetermined and the most adequate one for each sound, although as we have previously said all this depends on patient preferences and this parameter as with all others can be modified.

When BiSound is closed, it´s store your preferences so that next time it´s started all values remain as elected at its last session.

Captura de pantalla del apartado configuración del programa BiSoundBi Sound avails of a menu for programme configuration. In this box we find some of the parameters for the setting up of this programme.

The first thing we see is Language options, which is indicated by way of flag icons, on one side the actual language and on the other the additional languages available for the programme. If this is not used the programme automatically installs its own language.

In Presentation options we can mark a box which will activate or deactivate the initial presentation of the programme.

Down below we find the Updating Options, an interesting tab, as it tells us when a new version of the software exists giving us the possibility of downloading it without any additional cost.

To bring the programme up to date it's necessary to be connected to internet.
It's advisable to download any new versions as they could contain new sounds or improvements to the programme.

Captura de pantalla del apartado estimulación del programa BiSound

To use BiSound must be unlocked by inserting a registration code that you can get by acquiring your own software.

After entering the code, the software will be enabled to use undefined and will also benefit from improvements and updates in the future may have no cost.

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